Sound Production 2


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"Speakers when used with proper recordings and placement create a sonic stage while disappearing themselves "- Some important lad

Sound production theory and practice 1 gave you a taste of the world that exists beyond spot miking. Now its time to really explore what can really be achieved.

Lets start with a round of applause for these 2 winners who started the ball rolling all those years ago……………..
As usual sound on sound is the boy to rely to come up with the goodies, so here's a link to a great article to get your teeth into, followed by a few other wee gems…..
sound on sound article

a great guy called barry part 1

a great guy called barry part 2

Multi-miking techniques have been developed over the years, but how do they compare to simple stereo….here's a few articles to set u off...

bbc artice surround techniques

mulit miking in surround article

sound on sound article
Outcome 1 notes download link….
Outcome 1 tutorial ……
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Outcome 2

Multi-mic technique notes download link

Notes on Soundfield microphones and ambisonics link...

Outcome 2 Tutorial
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Outcome 3 Electrical Standards notes download link….
Electrical Standards Tutorial download link…
Sync notes download link….
Sp Practice Outcome 1,2 and 3 Assessment Brief download link

Sp Practice Outcome 1, 2 and 3 Report Marking Sheet download